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Re: [seul-edu] Looking over the AppIndex

> If not, we really should with the schoolforge deal, people are expecting on 
> time, accurate information and dead links suck and can get people frustrated 
> and possibly lose interest in schoolforge or associated projects. 
> If needed I could probably write a perl script that will check for valid links, 
> then we could modify the db a touch to add a active bit field and drop it in 
> just even if nothing but we display "404 Found on Blah Date" so that they know 
> it could possibly be dead for good or dead for now so people at least know we 
> are aware of the problem.

Yes, I was going to do this, just haven't had the time....
If you want to build a perl script, I'll install it to run with cron, etc.
If not, I'll do this...

Les Richardson