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Re: [seul-edu] News update

	Personally I think this is a very smart move. Granted the schools could
of benefited from the computers and whatnot, but in the context of this
anti-trust case, it is simple wrong to allow this as a settlement. As
the article points out, that would only further create and
anti-competitive environment in the education market place. It would
only help to raise yet another generation of Microsoft centric computer
users, thus a few years down the road, increasing Microsoft sales. 
	This is one of the reasons I think companies like IBM, Redhat, etc..
should really get behind the linux in education movement. People like
familiarity, and use what they initially learned. People dont like to
relearn software, unless they obsolutely have to (to get a head in the
workplace for example). So we need to indoctrine linux in our youth to
help create the marketplace of the future. This personally is my primary
point of advocacy to corporations. Once we can get this point across to
the likes of Dell,Hp,IBM, RedHat, Gateway, etc. etc., and have their
money and power backing the push of open source into schools, we will
really start to make headway.

Jeff Knox

On Fri, 2002-01-11 at 12:28, Doug Loss wrote:
> Here's the latest news on Microsoft's offer of software and hardware
> to US schools:
> <http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-8440321.html?tag=mn_hd>
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