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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Translation

Description: Translation is a free web-based, language independent program for
language teachers to provide online translations to students.
The students can make the translations online and get their
translation and the correct answers by email.

Author: Mark de Haan

Homepage: http://translation.starwave.nl/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Language 

Name: PicoLibre

Description: The aim of the PiCoLibre project is to develop a collaborative platform for developing software within an educational context. The main characteristics of this platform should be : easy to install and administrate, easy for beginners to learn it and use it. This quest for simplicity rather than for richer functionalities justifies the "Pico" prefix in the chosen name. Previous work is already in use: http://serveur-libre.enst-bretagne.fr. As a part of the PeCoVaLL project (http://pecovall.eu.org), PiCoLibre will implement the CoopX protocol (cf http://coopx.eu.org) which will allow it to interconnect with other software development platforms.

Author: Pascal Pucci

Homepage: http://www.picolibre.org/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Programming 

Name: Poooks.py

Description: Poooks.py is Python/GTK program for reading books in plain text. It lets you use any font to read text, and it supports named bookmarks for files. 

Author: Alexey Vyskubov

Homepage: http://only.mawhrin.net/~alexey/poooks.py/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Reading