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[seul-edu] AppDex problems.

I've got a problem, perhaps someone can help with.

When a new application is added to the database, the script writes a email
message to a local file. Another script will read this message file and
email it to the listserv. This mailing script is run hourly by a cron process.

However, it doesn't work.

The script will work perfectly when run by hand. (as root or as webuser)

I have:
1) Increased the logging level on cron and it _is_ running the script.
2) directory permissions are 777 in which the datafile and mailing script
3) file permissions are 775 for the script and 644 for the data file.

All files are owned by webuser, webgroup which is how apache runs. (which
creates data file in first place.)

Any ideas?

Les Richardson