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Re: [seul-edu] How do I unsubscribe?

Is this forwarding through another address to you?

Another possibility is that your sendmail is adding some more to your
return address.

(ie. mine for example....richl@tfsd.sk.ca  can subscribed as
richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca or richl@strider.tfsd.sk.ca .

Do you have an entry in email client as "reply to:"  or "return address"
which is different from your pop account?  If so, try unsubscribing using
the pop account rather than the return address.

Just some thoughts.

Les R.

Just a thought.

Les R.

At 11:09 PM 1/11/02 -0800, you wrote:
>Guys, I've been trying to inform majordomo of my
>intention to unsubscribe but I keep getting a message
>telling me that my e-mail address is not subscribed
>with the list ....yet, it is!
>Help out, please.
>--- Les Richardson <richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca> wrote:
>> Hi Larry,
>> I was thinking of standing this idea on its head...
>> Why not add any entries you like to the Application
>> Index, and then I setup
>> the addition script to add an entry to the bottom of
>> the wiki.....
>> Why not some sort of WebBibliography idea, with all
>> these links at the
>> bottom, that are referenced in the body of the wiki.
>> How about a comment base tied either to individual
>> apps (ie like the
>> reviews) but also a comment base about categories of
>> applications, etc.
>> (ie. a review of all listed word/text processors)?
>> Comments?
>> Les R.
>> At 11:47 AM 1/6/02 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Les,
>> >
>> >this message was prompted by that update to the
>> ISETL link 
>> >I mentioned in a previous post.
>> >
>> >When Doug (and others, myself included) first
>> started putting
>> >software links in the wiki it was curious to me
>> because I'd
>> >never seen it done before (using a wiki as a kind
>> of database).
>> >Now that all those links are in there, I've found
>> it's very
>> >useful because if you are having some discussion
>> about software,
>> >you can just do a [name] link on your wiki page to
>> that software page.
>> >
>> >As I've said before, I'm glad you've migrated that
>> info into a
>> >fullblown database because I think it is a more
>> flexible and stable
>> >platform for a software list.
>> >
>> >So I'm thinking about several ways to enhance and
>> improve this
>> >connection between the 'ad hoc' information in the
>> wiki and
>> >the more formal information in the database.
>> >
>> >Bruno has implemented a new feature in the wiki
>> where one can
>> >'subscribe' to the wiki. I haven't tried it yet but
>> the idea is that
>> >whenever someone posts something to the wiki it
>> automatically gets 
>> >mailed to a subscriber. This might be an
>> opportunity to experiment 
>> >with getting rid of some 'bad redundancy' while
>> maintaining some of
>> >the effects of 'good redundancy' that were
>> discussed a while back.
>> >
>> >If you, or someone in the coalition appointed to
>> maintain
>> >software links, were to subscribe to the wiki, then
>> any adhoc
>> >comments or updated info made to the wiki pages
>> could automatically
>> >be sent to that person so they could easily make
>> the changes in the
>> >Schoolforge Application Database. (Of course they
>> would also get
>> >other changes made in the wiki besides software.)
>> >
>> >At some point in the future, it might even be
>> possible to use a perl script
>> >to parse and filter that wiki update and
>> automatically import information  
>> >about software links and comments directly into the
>> Schoolforge Application
>> >Database, what do you think?
>> >
>> >L. Prevett
>> >Mathematics Instructor
>> >Cochise College, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
>> >prevettl@cochise.cc.az.us
>> >
>> >
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