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Re: [seul-edu] Mailing List Confusion

Les Richardson wrote:
> Well, I'm not exactly clear on what all of these mailing lists do and who
> is subscribed to each...
> schoolforge-core  - membership level issues. Currently subscribed include
> contact persons for each organization and who else?
Besides the contact persons, just the people doing the work designing
and maintaining the Schoolforge website and databases.

> seul-edu - specific now to issues surrounding seul-edu and not necessarily
> schoolforge.
Yes, although till a general Schoolforge mailing list gets set up it
should still be used for general Schoolforge discussions.

> school - nerds/admins list for seul-edu and schoolforge application level
> support?  Members? Is David on this list?
This has just ~5-6 members and is the people who initially set up the
Schoolforge website/databases.  It's utility is greatly reduced with the
creation of schoolforge-core, I think, except for technical discussion
of implementing changes to the website/databases.  Oh,
info@schoolforge.net is an alias for this.  We should probably think
about that.

> Any other lists?  Obviously we need another general level schoolforge
> list, containing not just member org's contacts. Does this exist?
Not yet.  I think that should be next on our list to create.

> Secondly,
> -----------------------------------------------
> As a hub integrator, I feel we should have a mailing list page that lists
> All Mailing lists maintained by all member orgs including its function,
> membership and traffic level. Failing this, at least links into each of
> their mailing list pages. We can expand membership records to include this
> kind of information if necessary or store in alternative ways.
This sounds like a good idea to me.  I think it should be done on the
schoolforge-core mailing list, though, as it sounds like a Schoolforge
management issue.

> More generally, I would feel that we, as integrators, have to link more
> deeply into membership pages to include, as well as mailing lists, news
> pages, syndication links (ie RDF/RSS), and other significant URL's in
> their site design.
Same comment as above.

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