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[seul-edu] Mailing List Confusion

Well, I'm not exactly clear on what all of these mailing lists do and who
is subscribed to each... 

schoolforge-core  - membership level issues. Currently subscribed include
contact persons for each organization and who else?

seul-edu - specific now to issues surrounding seul-edu and not necessarily

school - nerds/admins list for seul-edu and schoolforge application level
support?  Members? Is David on this list?

Any other lists?  Obviously we need another general level schoolforge
list, containing not just member org's contacts. Does this exist?

As a hub integrator, I feel we should have a mailing list page that lists
All Mailing lists maintained by all member orgs including its function,
membership and traffic level. Failing this, at least links into each of
their mailing list pages. We can expand membership records to include this
kind of information if necessary or store in alternative ways.

More generally, I would feel that we, as integrators, have to link more
deeply into membership pages to include, as well as mailing lists, news
pages, syndication links (ie RDF/RSS), and other significant URL's in
their site design.

Les Richardson
On the Prairies in Canada