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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge.net coverage in Singapore's Business Times

William Abernathy wrote:
> CHANGE THE DATE on the press release. If you change the date, and a reporter
> later discovers that you've handed him or her week-old news with a modified
> (i.e. tampered-with) dateline, you can kiss that relationship goodbye.
> While a big initial splash for Schoolforge is important, it's more important to
> work proactively as leaders in your local communities to develop strong personal
> contacts with a few select reporters who "get it" -- people who cover education
> and technology and have the ability to think outside the box described for them
> by (fill in your favorite media, education, software, or governmental
> mega-entity here). Even if you fail to get placement this go-'round, a kind note
>   with:
> A) a brief apology for not getting this release to them until now,
> B) expressing your interest in speaking to them about the launch, and
> C) mentioning your availability as a resource for future education and
>     technology stories,
> will help you out with your own local organizing efforts, and help out
> Schoolforge down the road.
William's advice is _clearly_ better than mine.  Please follow it
instead of what I asked you to do.He knows what he's talking about.

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