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RE: [seul-edu] Schoolforge.net coverage in Singapore's Business Times

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  Subject: Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge.net coverage in Singapore's Business

  Doug Loss wrote: 

  >> This was very nice!  People, this is how I hope things will go for 
  many of 
  >> us.  Harish sent the press release to the Business Times himself, with 
  >> name as a local contact.  I'm very happy to see that they contacted 
  him for 
  >> a local take on the announcement rather than calling Harry, David, or 
  me.  I 
  > think everyone on this list ought to do the same.  Even if your local 
  >> newspaper, radio, and television outlets are small, it wouldn't hurt 
  >> contact them with the announcement (with the date suitably changed so 
  >> it doesn't seem that we're just getting around to them after a week, 
  >> though we are :-) ). 

  > While I concur with Doug's praise for Harish (way ta go!) and recommend 
  > that you all follow his lead, I must counsel against one practice Doug
  > DO NOT CHANGE THE DATE on the press release. 

  Newspapers used to have what's called a 'City Desk' - do they still have
  That's usually just a box that people can drop off stories in. You would 
  usually put your name and a phone number on a cover sheet the paper
provides and 
  drop the press in the 'City Desk' box. There's no real need to contact a 
  reporter. A reporter might call if they have additional questions. 

  Also, most radio stations have a form for free Public Service 
  Announcements - if the announcement was abbreviated to just a 
  paragraph or so, the Schoolforge announcement might qualify as a PSA? 

  Just a thought.