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[seul-edu] Translators for schoolforge

We aim to have the schollforge site translated to as much languages as 
possible, and I am currently working on the storage of the translated 
documents under the database. As far as the press releases go, things 
seem to be working. So...

schoolf=> select name, codlang, email||'.ham' from translators
schoolf=> order by name;
       name        | codlang |                 ?column?
 Alejandro Diaz    | es      | astroboy@linuxfreak.org.ham
 Felipe Bergo      | pt      | bergo@seul.org.ham
 Görkem Çetin      | tr      | gorkem@gelecek.com.tr.ham
 Herman Bruyninckx | nl      | Herman.Bruyninckx@mech.kuleuven.ac.be.ham
 Paolo Pumilia     | it      | xpol@interfree.it.ham
 Roman Suzi        | ru      | rnd@onego.ru.ham
 Thomas Tempé      | fr      | thomas.tempe@insalien.org.ham
(7 rows)

schoolf=> select * from languages order by language;
 codlang |     language     |  charset
 nl      | Dutch            | iso-8859-1
 en      | English          | iso-8859-1
 es      | Español   | iso-8859-1
 fr      | Française | iso-8859-1
 it      | Italiano         | iso-8859-1
 pt      | Português  | iso-8859-1
 tr      | Turkish          | iso-8859-9
(7 rows)

[I know russian is missing on the second table, I'm waiting a reply from 

There's no problem having more than one translator for a given language, 
but our main objective is to have translators for languages not yet 

For those willing to apply, relevant information is:

- name ,email, language, what charset satisfies your language,
  what is your language's name in your language (e.g.:
  Espa\~nol is Spanish in Spanish)

Those can be emailed straight to me, there shouldn't be much to be
translated - about one text the size of that initial press release per
month, plus translation of the site contents, but those are only going to
be translated once we decide on a final form; I'd say it should be 
happening by early february, but that's a guess.

Once we have something to be translated, we'll email the translators in 
the database.


Felipe Paulo Guazzi Bergo - Free Software Developer (bergo@seul.org)
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