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Re: [seul-edu] Schoolforge.net coverage in Singapore's Business Times

Harish Pillay 9v1hp wrote:

> Schoolforge.net's launch is covered in today's Singapore Business Times:
> http://business-times.asia1.com.sg/bizit/story/0,2276,33050,00.html?
> Unfortunately, the link will expire in 7 days, and so I am enclosing a
> pdfized version of it.

This was very nice!  People, this is how I hope things will go for many of
us.  Harish sent the press release to the Business Times himself, with his
name as a local contact.  I'm very happy to see that they contacted him for
a local take on the announcement rather than calling Harry, David, or me.  I
think everyone on this list ought to do the same.  Even if your local
newspaper, radio, and television outlets are small, it wouldn't hurt to
contact them with the announcement (with the date suitably changed so that
it doesn't seem that we're just getting around to them after a week, even
though we are :-) ).

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