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[seul-edu] Re: [schoolforge] reply to Thank you and plans

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 09:40:32AM -0500, Doug Loss wrote:
> > I think a general Schoolforge
> > discussion list is an important idea.  It wouldn't be this "core" list,
> > though; this list will stay an an organizational and managerial one.
> Ok. I've created a schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net mailing list.

Now the big question is how do we populate this list?  Should we
automatically subscribe the members of seul-edu and any other general
educational discussion lists, or should we wait for people to join on their
own?  I'm CCing this to the seul-edu list so that the subscribers there can
put in their opinions on the question.  I lean toward announcing the
intention to subscribe the entire membership of a given list (on that list)
along with giving instructions on how to remove yourself from the new list,
and then allowing a suitable time for comments and complaints before deciding
to mass-subscribe the members to the new list or not do so.  seul-edu
subscribers, consider this the announcement I've mentioned above; let me know
what you think.

As general information, I think the new schoolforge-discuss mailing list
should be the place for general discussion on the use of free/open resources
in schools, while the seul-edu list should become one for SEUL/edu specific
discussions only.  I expect that such a change, if made, would mean the
seul-edu mailing list would get much less traffic than it currently does
while the schoolforge-discuss list will pick up greatly.

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