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[seul-edu] [Fwd: FW: New National Grid for Learning portal goes live]

For various reasons Chris can't submit the announcement himself at
the moment; would one or another of our UK members please do so?
Send the announcement off to them using William's admonitions
(apologize for not including them in the initial round of media
contacts, etc.) and list yourself as a local contact.  Maybe you can
get all the fame and glory that goes with being a Schoolforge
spokesman!  Well, there's little fame and less glory, but you can
make a name for yourself as an endearing but
occasionally annoying eccentric, as I have.

Chris Puttick wrote:

> Worth trying? There's been a few positive open source reports
> coming from the UK govt recently, so they may run it. BECTA, who
> run NGfL, are quite influential in IT in UK schools, although
> Malcom Herbert (Redhat Europe bigwig) left them because they
> wouldn't listen to his views on open source...
> BTW, my apologies for sending this direct to yourself, but mail
> from me is not reaching the SEUL Edu list - I think I've changed
> my reply address since subscribing...
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Emma Willson
> To: chris@trinityclc.com
> Sent: 1/9/02 12:38 PM
> Subject: New National Grid for Learning  portal goes live
> > The National Grid for Learning (NGfL) portal [www.ngfl.gov.uk]
> has
> been
> > relaunched today  <snip>
>  If you have a news story about learning or education that you
> would
> like
> > to be considered for use on the NGfL, or if you have new content
> on
> your
> > site, please email the NGfL Newsdesk [newsdesk@ngfl.gov.uk].

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