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Re: [seul-edu] [Fwd: FW: New National Grid for Learning portal goes live]

Doug Loss wrote:

> For various reasons Chris can't submit the announcement himself at
> the moment; would one or another of our UK members please do so?

Hi Doug,

I've just e-mailed them the press release and offered to answer any
questions that they may have.

> Send the announcement off to them using William's admonitions
> (apologize for not including them in the initial round of media
> contacts, etc.) and list yourself as a local contact.  Maybe you can
> get all the fame and glory that goes with being a Schoolforge
> spokesman!  Well, there's little fame and less glory, but you can
> make a name for yourself as an endearing but
> occasionally annoying eccentric, as I have.


I'm already known as an occasionally annoying eccentric, I've just never
managed to be endearing =o)

> Chris Puttick wrote:
> > Worth trying? There's been a few positive open source reports
> > coming from the UK govt recently, so they may run it. BECTA, who
> > run NGfL, are quite influential in IT in UK schools, although
> > Malcom Herbert (Redhat Europe bigwig) left them because they
> > wouldn't listen to his views on open source...

Coincidentally about the time a certain American software company
allegedly told them not to fund the Schools Linux project that I was
working on with icdc.org.uk
I don't blame anyone for leaving a government department that
(allegedly) takes orders from large foreign companies. Unfortunately
that may not leave many government jobs open to those with any integrity

Bitter? Qui, moi? ;-P

- Richard


Richard Smedley
Production Editor, Linux Format

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