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Re: [seul-edu] Move to schoolforge-discuss

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba wrote:
> No, because :
> - I am fond of seul-edu.

So am I, actually. :-)

> - What's the point of "renaming" the mailing list ?

The reason is so that the general discussion list for the entire
Schoolforge coalition isn't associated with a particular member group. 
I think of this as leading by example.  If we do this we can then
encourage other smaller mailing lists to move their general educational
discussion to schoolforge-discuss and keep their "local" lists for
project-specific information.  That way, we can have an even
broader-based discussion.  I've noticed on some of the smaller lists
I've monitored that they often ask questions that we've already
discussed and answered.  Getting everyone together really does improve
the usefulness of the discussion.

> - seul-edu is broader in scope than schoolforge.

Actually, it's the other way around.  SEUL/edu's goal is fostering
educational applications for Linux, while Schoolforge's is to further
the use of open resources in general in education.

> - It can be done seamlessly by  letting the people to subscribe themselves to
> another hypothetical list.

That's so, but for the reasons I mentioned above I think it's best to
have us all over there quickly.  The idea of subscribing everyone but
giving them a confirmation message for the subscription to go through
might be a good one, though.  It would give people a chance to refrain
from the new list if thew want, but not require them to do anything more
than hit "reply" to subscribe.

> - There're another ways for distinguishing schoolforge flow, for example,
> "Subject:[Schoolforge]"

And we're doing that on the schoolforge-discuss list.  If you mean, keep
all the traffic here and have everyone put [schoolforge] in the subject
of messages that have to do with Schoolforge, I don't think that would
be very likely to be followed closely.

> - Splitting a list into two divides the interest and vitality by four.

True, but we're talking about moving the great bulk of the discussion
from this list to another, and adding members from other lists.  I think
that would _increase_ the interest and vitality.

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