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Re: [seul-edu] Move to schoolforge-discuss

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba a écrit :
> El Mié 16 Ene 2002 14:56, escribió:
> > I haven't heard from anyone on this list about my idea of
> > mass-subscribing us all to the schoolforge-discuss mailing list and
> > moving the general discussion of Linux in education over there,
> > reserving the seul-edu list for specifically SEUL/edu-related
> > messages (if enough such exist to warrant a separate mailing list).
> > Please, let me know what you think about this, or I'll be forced to
> > make a yes-or-no decision on it on my own.  If that doesn't scare
> > you, you just don't know me well enough!
> No, because :
> - I am fond of seul-edu.

so am I

> - What's the point of "renaming" the mailing list ?
> - seul-edu is broader in scope than schoolforge.
> - It can be done seamlessly by  letting the people to subscribe themselves to
> another hypothetical list.
> - There're another ways for distinguishing schoolforge flow, for example,
> "Subject:[Schoolforge]"
> - Splitting a list into two divides the interest and vitality by four.
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