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[seul-edu] Program for managing programs

Hi there,

I am not sure if the focus of the list is only on elementary and high
school, or if the list have members of academia, also.

I was interested that university teachers, mostly people who have been
involved with conferences, workshops, congresses, would contact me about
programs to managing the submissions and evaluation of articles.

Last year, I've been involved with the annual congress of the Brazilian
Computing Society and we used David Nicol's WIMPE, and altough it served
us well, we felt that there were many modifications necessary to make a
really generic system for such task, and the architecture of the program
did not encourage these modifications.

So, we are searching for alternatives. Something that could be completely
managed via web, probably based in PHP, supporting many events on the same
machine, internationalization, custom evaluations, etc. If we cannot find
such program (so long I have only found WIMPE for such task), I am willing
to start a program to develop something like that, and am interested in
getting contacted by people with the same needs. I am also contacting
people here in Brazil interested in a system like that.

TIA, and sorry for the possible Off-Topic.

Roberto Jung Drebes <drebes@inf.ufrgs.br>
Porto Alegre, RS - Brasil