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[seul-edu] Application Index categories

If you'll take a look at <http://richtech.ca/seul/index.php>, you'll
see the application categories that we've divided our educational
applications into.  You'll notice that some categories have only a
handful of entries, while others (Administration, Language, Math,
Science, etc.) have many more.  I think that's largely because those
categories are more general than for example Music or Typing.

I'd like to ask you all to look over the entries in these large
categories.  Pick one or two that you have a personal interest in.
Then let us know here on the seul-edu list if you think there are
logical ways to break the categories into multiple, smaller
categories.  For example (I'm just making this up), Math might be
dividable (sorry for that :-) ) into Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry,
Logic, etc.  A good method of dividing will give just a few finer
categories with roughly equal numbers of entries, not 20 categories
with one or two entries each.

I'd like to make these category entries more useful to people
looking for a specific type of application.  As it is now, I'm
afraid that no one will bother with the Administration category
because of the large number and wide variety of programs listed
there.  Help me in this, OK?

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