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Re: [seul-edu] SEUL/edu projects page

Doug Loss wrote:

> As you all know, SEUL/edu has a page on its website listing "Current
> Projects."  We started this page a long time ago when SEUL/edu was
> pretty much the only game in town when it came to getting Linux into
> education.  Most of the projects listed on this page aren't
> particularly associated with SEUL/edu, but agreed to be listed as
> SEUL/edu projects as a way to gain visibility or users.  Others were
> good ideas that never went anywhere.  I think less than half of the
> projects listed ever produced anything usable, and probably fewer
> than that are still being worked on.
> We have been remiss in keeping this page accurate with up-to-date
> information.  I've occasionally tried to get that done.  But now it
> seems to me that there's really no reason for this page to exist at
> all anymore.  For the one or two active projects that aren't already
> listed in our Application Index, I'll make entries.  But I think
> SEUL/edu and the Linux educational community in general would be
> best served by just taking the page down.  Before I do so though,
> I'd like to hear from you.  What do you think?

Perhaps there can be a category in the application index for currently 
unusable or alpha stage software projects.  It does appear fairly 
obvious that less than half of all open or free software projects 
started actually produce anything usable. Alpha or bare beginning stage 
projects being in their own category would allow an occasional removal 
of the dead wood, and an opportunity for developers to see where help 
may be wanted in the realm of Linux edu software.

- cameron

- cameron miller
- UNIX Systems Administrator
- cdmiller@adams.edu