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[seul-edu] SEUL/edu documentation project

Along the same lines as my previous message, I'd like to get some
opinions about our documentation project.  We started it out with
good intentions to create guides for the installation and
maintenance of Linux systems in education, and guides for the use of
Linux in teaching various subjects.  We also hoped to develop
advocacy documents.  Larry Prevett is the only person who actually
worked on developing a teacher's guide; Bill Tihen wrote a writer's
guide on how to use DocBook, which I guess he and I were the only
folks happy about.

Since we started this it has languished.  In the meantime, others
have developed useful documents in each of these areas.  With
everyone's agreement I'd like to call a close to our effort to
develop such documents and transfer Larry's Math Teacher's Guide to
wherever he feels most comfortable having it (or keep it on a SEUL
server, although we're really not supporting him in it very much).
In place of the current documentation project, I'd like to have us
set up a SEUL/edu Documentation Index similar to our current
Application Index.  I think that our most useful contributions to
the Linux in education community are the collations of applications,
case studies, and links that we've come up with.  Adding a collation
of documentation seems like a natural extension.

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