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Re: [seul-edu] SEUL/edu documentation project

I have been archiving advocacy and how-to docs on opensourceschools.org for a 
rainy day, per previous conversations.


On Wednesday 30 January 2002 22:57, you wrote:
> Along the same lines as my previous message, I'd like to get some
> opinions about our documentation project.  We started it out with
> good intentions to create guides for the installation and
> maintenance of Linux systems in education, and guides for the use of
> Linux in teaching various subjects.  We also hoped to develop
> advocacy documents.  Larry Prevett is the only person who actually
> worked on developing a teacher's guide; Bill Tihen wrote a writer's
> guide on how to use DocBook, which I guess he and I were the only
> folks happy about.
> Since we started this it has languished.  In the meantime, others
> have developed useful documents in each of these areas.  With
> everyone's agreement I'd like to call a close to our effort to
> develop such documents and transfer Larry's Math Teacher's Guide to
> wherever he feels most comfortable having it (or keep it on a SEUL
> server, although we're really not supporting him in it very much).
> In place of the current documentation project, I'd like to have us
> set up a SEUL/edu Documentation Index similar to our current
> Application Index.  I think that our most useful contributions to
> the Linux in education community are the collations of applications,
> case studies, and links that we've come up with.  Adding a collation
> of documentation seems like a natural extension.