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[seul-edu] Re: Hello

> Hi Mortis,
>             I have seen the Gflash software which you have coded. Itís quite
> simple and practical in concept, could you kindly recommend any particular
> software which you know might be suitable to be used on Linux in an
> educational environment with the following requirements in mind without any
> particular order of priority :

There are a few gropus dedicated to promoting Educational software on
Linux.  SEUL's Education group:


Has a great mailing list where people discuss exactly these kinds of topics.
SEUL/Edu also has an applicaiton list.

There are other places to look for Linux software.  Freshmeat.net is a
great place that lists thasounds of software packages:


> -                      Classroom of up to 40 students and a teacher station
> -                      Teacher to be able to see exactly what each student
> is doing on his/her PC without interference ie. View like Pcanywhere
> -                      Teacher to be able to remotely control the studentís
> PC like PC Anywhere

I beleive there is a project, called VNC which may do what you're asking.
I've never used it, but it has some of features you're asking for:


> -                      Teacher to be able to conduct pop quiz to the
> students a-la GFlash

There are other programs like GFlash that have different and more advanced
features.  SEUL/Edu lists a few:


> -                      Teacher to be able  to send file/chat with the
> students similarly to yahoo/Microsoft messenger

There are several Open Source messager clients (and servers) that are
available.  Freshmeat.net lists several:


Gaim and Jabber are two that I know are popular:


> -                      Teacher should be able to send/get files from each
> studentís individual workstation

You should be able to accomplish this with standard tools, like ftp, scp,
or you could use a technology like nfs or Samba to mount drives from the 

Best Regards,
Kyle R. Burton


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