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Re: [seul-edu] Linux in Academia

The following groups have current discussions about Linux in higher education.
You may find information that leads you to uses in the social sciences.

A quick search in groups.google.com resulted in a considerable amount of hits.


Ken Gillam
Project Manager PT3
Ph.D., Educational Psychology, ABD

274 Wardlaw Bldg. USC Campus
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

--- Janus Sandsgaard <lister@janus.dk> wrote:
> Does anyone here know about newsgroups or mailing lists dealing with Linux 
> at higher educations, such a university? I am especially interested in 
> initiatives related to social science and humanities, which are traditionally
> not hot spots for Linux.
> I am writing a book in Danish about Linux power tools (KDE, LyX, BibTex, 
> OpenOffice.org etc.) for non-technical students and scientists at university,
> and I am thinking about doing it in English as a parallel projects. But first
> I am interested in knowing if somebody are already working with this?
> -j
> -- 
> My baby daughter loves Linux!
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