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[seul-edu] [school-discuss] Some changes--part 5, SEUL/edu itself

Hi Doug,

> As most of you will have figured out, my previous messages were prologue
> for a major proposal.  You will have noticed that I'm calling for the
> end of the ISO project, the restart of the Linux in Education reports in
> a different form under the auspices of Schoolforge, the transfer of the
> case studies to Schoolforge, and the reorganization of the AppIndex into
> a front end for the Freshmeat dataset and also for its transfer to
> Schoolforge.

Well, I'll help out, but I don't really want to transfer stuff to another
server, etc.  It's easily virtualized, if needs be. 

I won't have time for a full scale "code assault" on the Freshmeat problem
until this summer. I've got to finish the XML coding and the online
gradebook for Open Admin first (along with some improved documentation ).
That should conclude major developmental goals in the short term.  
(Target: late spring) It's currently being used in 3 divisions in Sask.
with more planning to implement in the next school year. Thus, this is my
first priority.

I should then have time to work on the Freshmeat problem.

I will however help with anything required for the resumption of the
newsletter, including new code (ie. RSS/XML/RDF, etc.) if you'd like to
look at authoring in some other manner. 

Entirely up to you, Doug.  Let's keep it simple, effective, and
informative. (as it was in the past, IMO) <grin>

Les Richardson