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Re: [seul-edu] The revival of LENPP

Doug Loss wrote:

>Scott wrote:
>>SteelHead wrote:
>>>To revive the LENPP I need to ask the linux community what would work, how
>>>it should look, and what features should the site have.  I am starting here
>>>because the SEUL-edu mailing list is the origin of the concept.
>>2 suggestions right off the bat:
>>1. do something about this:
>><meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/4.7 [en] (Win98; I) [Netscape]">
>>leave that Win98 platform behind if you're going to advocate Linux, it
>>just looks better, and you'll feel better about your cause.  You can't
>>tell folks to use Linux if you're not willing to.
>I don't think this is all that much of a problem.  Many of us are forced to use
>Windows in our work evironments, and I think the Linux community understands
>that.  It wouldn't hurt to remove this line with a text editor, but I wouldn't
>lose any sleep over it.
they make me use windows at work as well :-(, and you're right, it's not 
something to loose sleep over, it's just a small detail that lends 
credibility to a site you'd seek Linux expertise from.

>>2. Email is not a good group colarboration tool, I would suggest
>>implementing slashcode (the setup that runs Slashdot.org) or something
>>similar.  This way all who are interested in a certain question can
>>first search to see if there are good answers already posted. having
>>accounts would be nice because as a helper I can see if questions have
>>been posted in my zip code, or see only questions relating to my area of
>>expertise(or get a call for help alert by mail if that area is asked about.
>Definitely not slashcode.  The problem here is that maintaining a site like this
>is labor intensive.  Unless you have enough help or are fanatically dedicated, it
>tends to fall down.  I think some other alternatives may be better.  Bill, what
>about using a wiki as a collaboration tool?  I'm not sure how it would apply to
>LENPP, but let's think about it.
I agree that Slashcode would be a big deal to maintain,  I mean 
something Like that format where the primary site allows users to 
interact without someone routing emails to and fro. PHPNuke might be 
another solution which leads me to the question:
what resources will be available on your hosting platform, and are they 
flexible?  will there be a MYSQL server available or MOD_PHP available 
on Apache?  getting an idea of what you can run on your host would help 
answer this question. Wiki is a nice way for groups to work together but 
it tends to be somewhat non linear all by itself, and a 'news' type of 
front page where new items get referenced would make daily use lots easier.
SO, how about that host? can you PHP or SQL?