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Re: [seul-edu] Language to teach 10 year olds

DraX <drax@whiplash.stampede.org> said:
>squeak is wonderful, and sense gnu smalltalk is quite bad(and gpl'd) the
>only real option for a free implementation thats "complete" is smalltalk.
For a school project, you could also use any of the "non-commercial" variants
of commercial Smalltalks, like VisualWorks 5i. 

However, Squeak is specifically being built and extended by the original
Smalltalk developers for the very purpose of making it a teaching tool
for young children. At the very least that should make it worth taking a peek
at :-).

(for those who don't know about Smalltalk's background: the core of the
current Squeak development team, Alan Kay and Dan Ingalls, was also the core
of the team at Xerox PARC in the '70's that invented useful thingies like
'object-oriented programming' and 'graphical user interfaces').