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Re: [seul-edu] Language to teach 10 year olds

> On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Michael Hall wrote:
> I don't know how PHP is.... But, PHP+HTML doesn't sound 
> either practical or educative.
> Because the existence of HTML wysiwig editors
Actually, learning HTML is very useful if you write CGI-BIN or other
types of web applications.  Also, though I would stress it as 
primary language to learn, there is a beautiful concept hidden 
in HTML (though not executed nearly as well as XML) which is seperation
of content from format.  

> and because 
> nobody designed PHP and HTML with educative characteristics.
I cannot speak for PHP (but I am sure a hello world program 
could (-; ), but as far as HTML goes it does have educative 
characteristics in that again it teach the concept of seperation of
content from format.  Now is that all one needs to worry about...
no, obviously not, but I would not say that it has zero merits.

> Specially HTML is an ugly language to deal with,...
Not if you use it for what it was meant for, which is to deliver content.