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Re: [seul-edu] Language to teach 10 year olds

chris@yonderway.com said:
> Interviewer: "So tell me, which of the requisite languages do you have?"
> Interviewee: "Perl & Tcl."
> Interviewer: "Did you learn these in school?"
> Interviewee: "No.  In school we learned Foodle, Topaz, and Hobo."
> Interviewer: "I never heard of those."
> Interviewee: "They are strictly academic languages.  They are used to teach
> programming theory."
> Interviewer: "So where did you ever learn Perl & Tcl?"
> Interviewee: "On my own, at home."
> Interviewer: "Oh look we're out of time.  It was nice meeting you.  We'll
> give you a call in a few days."

Depends on the type and level of job you're going for.

My experience, both as interviewer and interviewee, has tended to be the
precise opposite of what you quote.