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[seul-edu] New educational app--utility

Again from Freshmeat:


FAI is a non interactive system to install a Debian GNU/Linux
operating system on a PC cluster. You can take one or more
virgin PCs, turn on the power and after a few minutes Linux is
installed, configured and running on the whole cluster, without
any interaction necessary. Thus it's a scalable method for
installing and updating a cluster unattended with little effort
involved. FAI uses the Debian distribution and a collection of
shell- and Perl-scripts for the installation process. Changes to
the configuration files of the operating system are made by
cfengine, shell and Perl scripts. Using FAI, an unattended and
fully automated installation of a Linux cluster which consists
of 16 dual Pentium PC's and a beowulf cluster with 20 AMD 1 GHz
nodes was performed. 

FAI's target group are system administrators how have to install
Debian onto one or even hundreds of computers. Because it's a
general purpose installation tool, it can be used for installing
a beowulf cluster, a rendering farm, a web server farm or a
linux laboratory or a classroom. Also large-scale linux networks
with different hardware and different installation requirements
are easy to establish using FAI.

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