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Re: [seul-edu] Some discoveries

Abnormal Savonarola wrote:

> I'm the teacher who cares together Andrea Brugiolo nick@linux.it of the site http://scuola.linux.it
> This site exist since two years and is aimed to collect italian experience at school with Linux in Italy.

I'd like to get more information about what you're doing in Italy with Linux in the schools, so I can put it in my Linux in education reports.  Please send (to this mailing list, actually; I'm not the only one who would enjoy hearing about this) information about what you've done, what you have
planned to do, what problems you've had and what triumphs you've had, and your views on how the cause of Linux in the schools is going in Italy.  For that matter, I'd like to hear similar things from everyone.  Vladimir, how about Columbia?  Nicolas, how about Belgium?  Tomas and all our other
French members, how about France?  Alejandro, how about Mexico?  I'm only singling out these folks because I remember their names and countries without looking them up--I'd like to hear from _everyone_ who has a story to tell.

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