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Re: [seul-edu] Metadot Donates Internet Software Worth $1 Million toSchools Worldwide (Business Wire)

This is great!  Just by way of information, the article tell us SEED is a
product of Schlumberger.  This company is a major player in worldwide energy
development.  I knew many of thier engineers when I worked in the oilfields,
and I was always impressed with them.

What is neat is the article referenced the fact this support would be "to
provide Internet connection to disadvantaged schools in developing countries
where Schlumberger operates."  They operate in any country where oil is
produced.  I can see that this, in part, may be driven by the need is for
skilled labor pools.  No matter what the reasons, they are bringing the
internet to places where it may not have been before.  The internet is a
fine beginning to get the resources to improve local education.  Go Team!



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Schools Worldwide (Business Wire)

> Tuesday July 17, 12:06 pm Eastern Time
> Press Release
> Metadot Donates Internet Software Worth $1 Million to Schools Worldwide
> (Business Wire)
> Metadot and SEED Join Forces to Provide e-Learning Tools to Schools in
> Developing Countries
> Metadot Corporation today announced that it has committed to donate $1
> million worth of Internet software to more than 100 disadvantaged schools
> 20 developing countries, in conjunction with the Schlumberger Excellence
> Educational Development Internet connectivity program.
> Full story at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/010717/0304.html