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[seul-edu] Re: [school-discuss] Re: Linux clip-art

More than talking of a specific feature or software, could you
please tell us what you intend to teach to the children through this
application. This should help in finding an equivallent.


Le jeu 18/07/2002 à 17:17, Doug Loss a écrit :
> gaumer wrote:
> >     My name is Shannon Gaumer and I am an elementary school
teacher in
> > CA.  I have been looking for resources for linux to use in my
> > classroom.  I am my schools technology representative and I am
trying to
> > convert our school from windows to linux.  So, far I have found
a large
> > variety of children's software to use in the classroom but I can
> > find any clip-art programs, such as printmaster, which are
> > with linux.  I came across your site and I am wondering if you
know of
> > any programs which I can use. If you could please send me any
> > information I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you
> >                                         Shannon Gaumer
> Shannon,
>    I've looked for something similar for Linux, but all I've found
> these, which aren't quite what you're looking for:
> http://users.belgacom.net/gc899803/
> http://www.photodex.com/products/compupic/
> I'm CCing this to the schoolforge-discuss and seul-edu mailing
lists in the
> hope that someone on one or the other of those lists might either
know of
> such a program for Linux or be willing to write something
similar.  (It
> seems to me that doing something like this won't require a new
program so
> much as limiting the options on some existing picture editing
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