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Re: [seul-edu] School software

Daniel Guermeur wrote:

> Could someone point me to school solution software (e.g. homework
> management, class mgt, etc..)?

Well, we have an alphabetical listing of all the software we've found
at http://www.seul.org:8080/wiki/edu/Alphabetical, and a few other
indices at http://www.seul.org:8080/wiki/edu/Software, but none of
the indices are specific to educational management software.  At this
point I think you'll have to click through all the listings to see
what might be useful (although some will be obviously not what you're
looking for, e.g., 3DPlanetarium).  Creating a new index isn't
difficult; if someone wants to index the educational management
listings, please feel free to do so.

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