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Re: [seul-edu] [OT] beacon under fire

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Steelhead wrote:

> As I look this over, I find I am missing out on the notion of the the
> "required high-stakes standardized tests" as it is applied.

I could be wrong on this...

Arizona is currently implimenting required standardized testing for
graduation from high school (supposedly it's to take effect in 2002, the
state's consultants are now recomending 2005), and after that they will be
required to graduate from Elementary School, and Middle School.

These test, the AIMs tests, are aligned to Arizona's Extreemly high
standards.  Unfortunatly, almost no school district in the state comes
even close to meeting the standards.

The last group to take the AIMs test (last year), over 60% failed the math
test, etc.

What NY State is doing is requiring these alternative education programs
meet the exact same standards for graduation.  Last I knew in NY state, it
was the regents exam...


> I understand there is a different approach in NY as opposed to
> Caliornia. to testing, but, when they say "Standardized Tests", do they
> refer to a proscibed litany of subject matter to be accomplished in a
> lock-step schedule, or is it just "overall knowledge of the subject
> material" that is being evaluated?
> Bill
> Karl wrote:
> >
> > I just read this news (below) about the Beacon School, and thought that
> > some of SEUL-EDU's members might understand the important
> > educational-issues Beacon advocates, and inscribes upon young pioneers.
> SNIP .......

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