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[seul-edu] Squeak

I've only been following this list with half an eye, so it is virtually
certain I missed a lot. However, it does seem that - IMHO - a very 
important piece of software is not on the list: Squeak.

Squeak is the evolution of Smalltalk-80 by a couple of members of the original
team (Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls). They currently work at Disney and their major
goal is to make Squeak work for (science) education projects. They added a
couple of layers on top of Squeak that offer tile-based programming
facilities, simple multi-media authoring, etcetera all directed at projects
from groundschool up. 

It's fully open source, and work from education projects now starts to be
posted on Squeakland (which runs the full Smalltalk environment from a browser
plugin; on the website, the Linux browser plugin still needs to be fixed up -
I heard this will happen RSN, probably the coming week).

Squeak: http://www.squeak.org
Squeakland: http://www.squeakland.org