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RE: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux

I am new to the Linux world and am looking into Squid (or a variant) to
provide us with CIPA compliance. I've done some experimentation, but am
hoping to have things ready for action at the end of this summer.

Jay Drew                 Lake Ridge Schools
Director of Technology      6111 W Ridge Rd
(219)838-1819                Gary, IN 46408

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Is anyone looking at the requirements of CIPA for filtering systems and how
Linux could provide a good solution?  In my talks with school administrators
on this subject I hear a constant refrain of Cyberpatrol and NT.  Given the
short time frames in the statute, it seems few are giving any consideration
to alternatives nor do I see much dscssion of alternatives anywhere.  It
seems this is leading to further entrenchment of NT and foreclosing an
opportunity for Linux in education.

Ed Lawson