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RE: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux

hi again,

If you are willing to use squid here is a plugin for it, http://www.activeguardian.com
or you can use active guardian from http://www.activeguardian.com


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On 14.05.2001 at 09:24 Jay Drew wrote:

>I am new to the Linux world and am looking into Squid (or a variant) to
>provide us with CIPA compliance. I've done some experimentation, but am
>hoping to have things ready for action at the end of this summer.
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>Subject: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux
>Is anyone looking at the requirements of CIPA for filtering systems and how
>Linux could provide a good solution?  In my talks with school
>on this subject I hear a constant refrain of Cyberpatrol and NT.  Given the
>short time frames in the statute, it seems few are giving any consideration
>to alternatives nor do I see much dscssion of alternatives anywhere.  It
>seems this is leading to further entrenchment of NT and foreclosing an
>opportunity for Linux in education.
>Ed Lawson