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Re: [seul-edu] Indian Chapter

In India , there is a surge in use of computers in schools. Mostly it is
driven by the hype and commercial interest. Intel and Microsoft are out
to make a killing by forcing schools to purchase the costliest latest
hardware and software whereas the schools need only 1% of the software
being dumped and 2% of the hardware , what with 15 minute per week
contact with computers. The government has played (willingly) into the
commercial hands.
However it is possible to use a lot of lold hardware 486's and Petium -
I s for a lot of good use. Linux and software based on that can be used.

The sheer size of the problem is enormous.
I propose to set up a cell of young educated youth with some training
and with the help of web-site like seul , perhaps in Indian languages,
we could reach the benefits to a large number of schools and try to
shorten , though not  bridge , the digital divide.

J N Shah wrote:

> Do you think we should have an Indian chapter?
> I have joined you only today.
> I have some friends who would help.
> Do tell me if it is a good idea and if yes, what all is involved.
> Can it susteain itself. How will you be able to help.
> Jitendra
> Shah