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[seul-edu] hard times with Linux

Hello, I have a small LAN at my office and I've installed Linux Mandrake 8 on a P233mmx with 32 RAM. My plan was to make this computer as a file server for my office and also a web server to test some scripts (learnloop, phpnuke and others)
All the stations runs on Windowz.
I had to install with text instalation (graphical did not work out).
The computer was so slow that KDE could not be used. I had to use other X.
I could "share" a folder with samba, but when the stations tried to get in to it, I received a message asking for password or acess denied... I could not solve this....
So I give up and instaled a Win NT and now I have a file server working fine with passwords for each user.
Since my first contact with Linux I always wanted to use it, but everytime I have problem and give up on Linux solution