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Re: [seul-edu] hard times with Linux

Hi Oliver,

The hardware should have been able to easily run X with KDE, but I know the
frustration of trying to get something new ready for production when you
don't have much time. 

If you have a spare machine, it would be helpful to use it as a personal lab
machine.  Try doing the installs until you know what the limits of the box
are, and don't be afraid to format the drive and start fresh. Once you have
a basic linux install running, then try adding basic network functions so
it can talk to your existing machines. Once that is working well, try sharing
a some linux directories out via samba for the MS machines to read. 
www.linuxdoc.org has many howto's and mini-howto's that would be helpful as you 

It will take some time, but you won't be so frustrated with the learning curve. 
I do this for a living, and I still get stumped. I'm quite frustrated by trying 
to get some linux machines to live happily in an existing unix network. 
Apparently our Sun servers are using some automounter share types that are not 
well supported by linux. Unfortunately, with increased capability comes 
increased complexity, and the learning curve marches on :-)

Joel Eland

Quoting Oliver Zancul Prado <ozp@psico.net>:

> Hello, I have a small LAN at my office and I've installed Linux Mandrake
> 8
> on a P233mmx with 32 RAM. My plan was to make this computer as a file
> server
> for my office and also a web server to test some scripts (learnloop,
> phpnuke
> and others)
> All the stations runs on Windowz.
> I had to install with text instalation (graphical did not work out).
> The computer was so slow that KDE could not be used. I had to use other
> X.
> I could "share" a folder with samba, but when the stations tried to get
> in
> to it, I received a message asking for password or acess denied... I
> could
> not solve this....
> So I give up and instaled a Win NT and now I have a file server working
> fine
> with passwords for each user.
> Since my first contact with Linux I always wanted to use it, but
> everytime I
> have problem and give up on Linux solution
> []'s
> Oliver