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RE: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux

CIPA=Children's Internet Protection Act a federal law requiring all
institutions (Libraries and Schools) to adopt internet safety policies
requiring filters or forfeit all access to federal funding including E-rate
and ESEA funding!

There are number of groups, the ALA and ACLU at the lead that are fighting
the whole thing, but it's on the books, so schools and libraries are
scrambling to comply for fear of loosing a whole lot of cash!

There's a good reference at the American Library Association's site:

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Jay Drew wrote:

> I am new to the Linux world and am looking into Squid (or a variant) to
> provide us with CIPA compliance. I've done some experimentation, but am
> hoping to have things ready for action at the end of this summer.

I'm not familiar with CIPA, but take a look at WPM
<http://wpm.gwolf.cx/> and see if it would help.

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