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Re: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux

I have been sick, so I am just now adding to this thread.  A couple of
things to point out are the time frames involved and the actual
requirements for the technology.  Here are a few links to help sort out
a few issues.

Items to note:  The focus of the issue is "visual depictions" and there
is a time frame if there is not a policy AND technology solution in
place that allows a year for implementing a solution.  

http://www.ala.org/cipa/#CIPA  for Libraries


http://www.state.nj.us/njded/techno/htcrime/ipa.htm  A new Jersey DOE Q
& A


I hope this helps with some of the details and urgency concerns.


elawson wrote:
> Is anyone looking at the requirements of CIPA for filtering systems and how
> Linux could provide a good solution?  In my talks with school administrators
> on this subject I hear a constant refrain of Cyberpatrol and NT.  Given the
> short time frames in the statute, it seems few are giving any consideration
> to alternatives nor do I see much dscssion of alternatives anywhere.  It
> seems this is leading to further entrenchment of NT and foreclosing an
> opportunity for Linux in education.
> Ed Lawson