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Re: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux (meeting compliancy w/ SQUID)]

There is a commercial filter available for RH Linux , I-Gear, that filters by
site and text. Support isn't the greatest but that may be the route we go if
squid/squid guard doesn't pan out. I am currently runnning the Solaris version
of  I-Gear at a central location with squid running at the schools. Works great.

Michael Williams
Network Coordinator
Haywood County Schools

Harry McGregor wrote:

> On Thu, 17 May 2001, elawson wrote:
> >
> > > This would work until we are able to fully meet CIPA with
> > > Linux/Squid/SquidGuard, and it would keep the NT box from getting so
> > > overloaded it dies.
> >
> >
> > The FCC regs and the statute do not contain any specifications for the
> > filtering device.  for this reason why would not Squidguard comply with
> > CIPA.  I am unaware of any specific compliance issues.  The school is only
> > required to certify they have a device.  How effective the device may be is
> > not an issue in terms of certification as that is left to the local
> > authorities.  that is how I read the law and reg anyway.
> Someone stated earlier about issues with filtering "http put", and that is
> most of what I was targeting.  Also, unfortuantly, I can see districts
> going wtih comercial software so that they have someone they can sue.  The
> Linux proxies would make that solition actualy work instead of flounder
> anf all on it's face (like it's doing right now...).
> > The other interesting thing is the filtering requirement is for "visual
> > depictions" only.  There is no requirement that text be filtered.
> >
> > Ed Lawson
>                         Harry
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