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Re: [seul-edu] hard times with Linux

I use Mandrake 8.0 as a server platform, in my Windows School Lab.  With Mandrake's Control Center, I can shut off unnecessary services without recompiling the Linux Kernel, such as USB, etc (mentioned in another answer post). 
You mention that you had difficulties with Samba, so you went to NT Server.  Are you running NT Server on the same box with only 32 MB RAM?--or did you  boost the RAM?  In my experience, KDE runs ok on a 233MHz box with 64MB RAM--which allows you to use the graphical utilities to configure your server. However, the samba configuration of the server can be accessed using webmin from a windows machine web-browser.  Suppose your Mandrake server has an IP address of  Fire up your web browser on a Windows box.  Go into open location, and for the URL, type:  This will get you into the webmin program (after entering root's user name and password).  From the main webmin screen, select the "servers" tab, select "Samba Server", choose "Swat".  While Samba can be tricky to configure, the Swat samba configuration utility (with its voluminous help files) got me through.  With the latest version of Samba (2.2), a Linux box makes a terrific (and cheap) replacement for an NT server box, for both file and print services.
Gary Frankenbery
Grants Pass High School
Grants Pass, OR
Hello, I have a small LAN at my office and I've installed Linux Mandrake 8 on a P233mmx with 32 RAM. My plan was to make this computer as a file server for my office and also a web server to test some scripts (learnloop, phpnuke and others)
All the stations runs on Windowz.
I had to install with text instalation (graphical did not work out).
The computer was so slow that KDE could not be used. I had to use other X.
I could "share" a folder with samba, but when the stations tried to get in to it, I received a message asking for password or acess denied... I could not solve this....
So I give up and instaled a Win NT and now I have a file server working fine with passwords for each user.
Since my first contact with Linux I always wanted to use it, but everytime I have problem and give up on Linux solution