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Re: [seul-edu] hard times with Linux

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Oliver Zancul Prado wrote:

> Hello, I have a small LAN at my office and I've installed Linux Mandrake 8
> on a P233mmx with 32 RAM. My plan was to make this computer as a file server
> for my office and also a web server to test some scripts (learnloop, phpnuke
> and others)
> All the stations runs on Windowz.
> I had to install with text instalation (graphical did not work out).
> The computer was so slow that KDE could not be used. I had to use other X.

This configuration is enough for NFS/Samba + Web Server, but you don't
have enough memory to run X decently (and X will steal all memory from the
server processes), much less Gnome or KDE, which are great memory hogs.
If you really want to run X on low memory, run with a 'cheap' window
manager like Window Maker, IceWM or Blackbox.

File sharing performance will depend very much on disk performance. To use
such a box as server you'd have to configure everything from command-line,
I point you at the LDP HOW-TOs (www.linuxdoc.org).

You can find at bookstores, probably cheaper than one NT license, books
that will guide you step for step on setting up a server (I've seen
something like 'Building a secure server with RedHat Linux 6', but others
probably exist, and many of these books come with the distro on a
companion CD)

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