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Re: [seul-edu] Help, I need backup

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Jason Mellen wrote:

Are you the only enthusiast of servers in your county? I mean, a person
who admin them not only for living. If you have some other enthusiastic
persons (even using IIS now) - you can probably talk them into Apache,
promicing much more control over what they can do with open-source, and
how much it is easier.

> I am the only webmaster in my county that uses open-source software. A few
> months ago I put Zope on our school's server and it has worked great. Last
> week some hacker took down several Microsoft powered sites around the
> county. Now the county IT director wants to take control of all web servers
> (including) mine and install IIS on everything.
> Our schools IT director has set up a meeting between me and him this
> Wednesday so I can explain the benefits of what I have set up. This may be
> my only chance to fight for open-source at the county level. How have your
> dealt with situations like this before? What figures, documents, reports,
> etc. should I have ready to present?
> Thanks for any insight.
> jmellen

Sincerely yours, Roman A.Suzi
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