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RE: [seul-edu] CIPA and Linux (meeting compliancy w/ SQUID)]

I concur with Ed, the specifications are actually quite vague and only
require some form of filtering be present. There are no specifications for
effectiveness, accuracy, product, etc.

Another good example of legislation by the uneducated...

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> This would work until we are able to fully meet CIPA with
> Linux/Squid/SquidGuard, and it would keep the NT box from getting so
> overloaded it dies.

The FCC regs and the statute do not contain any specifications for the
filtering device.  for this reason why would not Squidguard comply with
CIPA.  I am unaware of any specific compliance issues.  The school is only
required to certify they have a device.  How effective the device may be is
not an issue in terms of certification as that is left to the local
authorities.  that is how I read the law and reg anyway.

The other interesting thing is the filtering requirement is for "visual
depictions" only.  There is no requirement that text be filtered.

Ed Lawson