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Re: [seul-edu] Changes to software pages

Doug Loss wrote:
> I've just completed a change to each program listing in the Existing
> Software pages <http://www.seul.org:8080/wiki/edu/Software/> that
> should make it much easier for people to insert reviews of various
> programs.  We currently have just a few such reviews for a few of
> the programs.  I think these reviews, if used enthusiastically, can
> make our software listings quite useful to people looking for
> educational programs for Linux.  So please, if you're using any of
> these programs or if you've tried some and found them wanting in
> some way, go to the program listing for the specific program and
> give us your thoughts!

I can't access any of the sub-pages.  Maybe that provides an automatic
review of Zope?

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