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[seul-edu] BBS?

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Subject: BBS?
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I have installed a network of four linux boxes in my classroom.  The
DC wants has a grant to install a dept-wide network, and I want to
connect.  We will also be on the Inet backbone "RSN" (soon).   

There has been some one-way discussion by the DC.  His grant required 
him to set up this departmental  network  so that we can share
"desktops," etc.  He is a windoze man.

I think to install a BBS, to facilitate real sharing among department
members, and to beat him to the punch, while he dreams up more ways of
"sharing" by way of spying on each other's desktops.  A BBS, I
reason---with little to no knowledge of the technology, and not even
having used any BBS for any time at all---might enable us to post and
share our ideas.  Perhaps files, images, etc.  

Meanwhile, I have been rewriting my web page---on my own
nickle---taylored toward my classes both at this school (public hs)
and the local college where I teach as an adjunct, part time.  

These  are perhaps two poles on the spectrum of the technology of
sharing.   As I say I am clueless.

Does anyone have any ideas how this functionality can be had,
cross-platform?  Keeping it simple?  Yet secure.  


Alan Davis
Marianas High School

adavis@saipan.com                                      1-670-235-6580
    Alan E. Davis,  PMB 30, Box 10006, Saipan, MP 96950-8906, CNMI

 I have steadily endeavored to keep my mind free, so as to give up any
 hypothesis, however much beloved -- and I cannot resist forming one on
 every subject -- as soon as facts are shown to be opposed to it.  
                                  -- Charles Darwin (1809-1882)


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