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Re: [seul-edu] BBS?

Question - why not fire up the INN server (a fairly capable news server) and
run that over your LAN? It already comes with most Linux distros, and it's
not too tough to get fired up and running (that, and all types of clients
can already access it from the word 'go' - be they windows-based or not.)
Modemers from outside the network can come in through a pppd server

I'm not sure if you want to add e-mail or etc, but it wouldn't be too awful
much to set up. Best of all, you can park all of this on an older pentium
and get good results.

To learn about these and more - check http://www.ssc.com/mirrors/LDP/

TJ Miller jr

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> I have installed a network of four linux boxes in my classroom.  The
> DC wants has a grant to install a dept-wide network, and I want to
> connect.  We will also be on the Inet backbone "RSN" (soon).
> There has been some one-way discussion by the DC.  His grant required
> him to set up this departmental  network  so that we can share
> "desktops," etc.  He is a windoze man.
> I think to install a BBS, to facilitate real sharing among department
> members, and to beat him to the punch, while he dreams up more ways of
> "sharing" by way of spying on each other's desktops.  A BBS, I
> reason---with little to no knowledge of the technology, and not even
> having used any BBS for any time at all---might enable us to post and
> share our ideas.  Perhaps files, images, etc.
> Meanwhile, I have been rewriting my web page---on my own
> nickle---taylored toward my classes both at this school (public hs)
> and the local college where I teach as an adjunct, part time.
> These  are perhaps two poles on the spectrum of the technology of
> sharing.   As I say I am clueless.
> Does anyone have any ideas how this functionality can be had,
> cross-platform?  Keeping it simple?  Yet secure.
> Thanks,
> Alan Davis
> Marianas High School
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